Engage with your tenants on their preferred messaging channels

Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SMS, and More – Jack is built on top of applications your tenants already use and love.

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Easy for your tenants.
Easy for your team.

No downloading apps, no tedious forms to fill out.

Deliver always-on service 🛎

Customers want 24/7 support. Jack allows you to deliver what customers need no matter the time of day.

Meet customers where they are 💬

Consumers want to talk to brands like they talk to their friends. Provide an effortless experience on their preferred and most convenient channels.

Solve issues fast with AI 🤖

AI's not just for science fiction anymore! Resolve inconvenient and potentially costly maintenance issues, instantly.

The world’s first and only conversational platform for all property types & portfolio sizes.

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Why engage your tenants via Messaging?


Messaging fits their busy lives


Responsive round-the-clock support


One-to-one interaction


As easy as texting with friends

Messaging is Consumer’s 1st Choice

66% prefer mobile messaging for contacting a company, not to mention it receives the highest CSAT scores too.

Messaging ranks #1 customer
service channel preferred by
consumers in US.

More than 8 in 10 consumers would
like to message businesses or
engage in conversation.

Make conversations your competitive edge

Leverage our AI to answer repetitive FAQs automatically so your team can handle more complex issues.

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