Save Time. Reduce OpEx. Increase NOI.

Automate Prospect and Tenant Engagement

Ambitious companies are leveraging Jack's artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency, increase tenant retention, and boost lead conversion while reducing operating expenses.

Streamline operations by automating all leasing communication

Manage time, processes, and tasks more efficiently.
Convert leads into leases with AI conversations

Jack captures your prospect leads and follows up instanlty. No more waiting.

Reduce repairs & maintenance expenses

Jack diagnoses and solves issues before they become work orders. Reduce ticket volume by up to 40%

Put your showings on autopilot

Our AI-powered bot does the scheduling, your agents do the showings.

Conversations, not portals.

Provide tenants instant responses via the world’s most popular channels they use every day including Amazon Alexa, Messenger, Text Messaging, and more!

Automate up to 70% of all prospect and tenant engagement without changing your current software.

Automate the boring. Do the productive.
After Hours

Jack works 24/7 and never takes breaks, sick days, or vacations.

Reduce Repetitive Work

Jack helps your agents save hours each day on communication.

System Agnostic

Not another platform. We sync and leverage your existing systems.

Automate intelligently. Profit immensely.

Jack puts a blue collar on AI and lets it manage repetitive, high-volume tasks and workflows, leaving the complex inquiries to your agents.

Replace Repetition with Productivity

Ready to cut costs, get back time, and supercharge your team?