Jack replaces your tenant portal with a conversational assistant

Powered by our conversational intelligence, Jack engages with your tenants on the latest messaging channels including Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Google Home, SMS, and more!

Hey Jack,


The world’s 1st Automated Tenant Engagement platform for properties, powered by AI

Free your team up to focus on more important tasks. Common tenant questions and concerns get instant answers from Jack, reducing call volume and wait times.

Increase tenant retention and satisfaction

Designed in concert with property teams and owners, Jack has ushered in the next generation of tenant engagement and communication management.


Teach your old dog new tricks

We extract historical work orders from your property management software to train the data and support your agents with a self-learning AI workspace that automates more and more responses and workflows over time.


Conversations, not forms

Time to ditch those tedious forms. No more portals or logins, tenants connect with your team on the latest messaging channels they already use and love. Easy for your tenants, easy for your team.


MISSION: POSSIBLE. Powered by humans.

While Jack responds to your tenants automatically, we're powered by real humans who are trained to respond if necessary. You'll also have full control and oversee live transcripts and the ability to take over the conversation and engage with your tenants directly.


Property Maintenance, Automated

Jack is built to respond, dispatch, and schedule maintenance automatically. Say goodbye to endless phone calls, voicemails, emails, and paperwork and hello to an automated platform that saves you time, money, and hassle.

Ready to supercharge your team?

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