The New Tenant Portal: Voice

August 7 2018

With breakneck advances in artificial intelligence, tech is expeditiously reformatting the way we live, work — and are supported. Conversational assistants are no longer harbingers of dead-end dialogue and aid that proved to frustrate more than help — instead, they’re smoothing out daily undertakings and becoming consumer sidekicks through increasingly seamless modalities.

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Jack Uses AI to Help Landlords Handle Issues at Their Properties

July 26 2018

A new artificial intelligence platform could handle maintenance requests for apartments and rental homes without the tenant ever knowing they’re talking to a machine. Jack Automation Technologies was developed in Dallas by Izzy DiChiara and Fernando Higuera to revolutionize how landlords manage clogged sinks, broken air conditioners, and other issues that come up. Jack works on Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Google Home, text message, and other platforms.

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AI startup “Jack” selected as TC Top Pick for TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018

July 19 2018

We’re heading to San Francisco as the TC Top Pick for Artificial Intelligence — TechCrunch Disrupt 2018. The team is amped-up for this event as we will be included in the conference’s Startup Alley and will be featured on the Showcase Stage in an interview by a TechCrunch editor — and will have a chance at the wild card spot for Startup Battlefield, the conference’s competitive pitch competition. Swing by our booth and say hello!

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From sending cold emails to sipping hot coffee, Dallas startup raises capital to launch “Jack” an intelligent assistant for tenants.

May 31 2018

Jack, an intelligent assistant for tenants and property managers via chat and voice channels, has now been made possible for residents everywhere. The Jack team started mobilizing in early 2017 by sending cold emails to angel investors. One response led to a conversation over hot coffee, and months later, John Selzer with Septariate, LLC, along with other angel investors funded the effortless solution for property managers and tenants.

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